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MWS App Guide

How to use the Midwest Streams App 

First, access the Midwest Streams portal through the following link:

Log in using your email address

Once logged in, you will see your Portal home:

To Create a Service click "Upload New Service" in the top left corner.

Fill in the information

Once your service has been created, you will find yourself on the "Edit Service" page. 

The create service screen

Fill in the relevant First Name, Last name, DoB, DoD, the service date, service time (or time you'd like to go live), and video title. This information can be changed later, but it is important to have it correct.

Be sure to click the checkbox "This Service will be Live Streamed" if you plan to go live.

Always remember to click "Save" whenever you make ANY changes to these screens

Note: You can always change your service details later, just be sure to click Save after any change you make.

The create/edit service dialog menu

Include Intro Video is only for your delayed webcasts after you've already completed your live stream. If you'd like to add the Intro Video to your webcast, click the box positive > Click Save.

Once all of your information is correct, press the blue Save button at the bottom of the page. which will save you provided information for later use.

If you wish to embed your Livestream on a particular webpage, then you can do that ahead of time by copying the code in the gray box by clicking the white "Copy Code" button and pasting it within your local webpage.

Installing the MWS app

Midwest Streams Mobile App Requirements. IOS 13 or greater. A minimum of 24 GB of free storage.

Download Midwest Streams from the Appstore by following this link on the device that you wish to record with:

If for some reason this link does not work for you, the page listing for Midwest Streams can be found by finding the app store on your Apple device, usually recognizable by an icon that looks like this :

Examples of the Appstore icon's appearance

Once you have accessed the app store, simply access the search bar by clicking on the grey bar near the top, and typing in the term "Midwest Streams," the listing for the app should appear as such:

Going Live

Navigate to the App by clicking on its icon in your home screen.

Once you have clicked the icon, you will be directed to the login page, please login with your portal account information.

You are now on the home page! This is where we display all of your services that have been made in the portal and their current status. Services can have several statuses:

Service Status

Coming up: The service hasn't happened yet, and the live stream hasn't been started

In Progress: The service is currently happening and has been paused

Pending Upload: The service has happened, but there is no service uploaded for it

Completed: Once a file has been uploaded and converted

Your First Stream

You should see the service that you created earlier in the portal under Coming Up: click it, and you will be brought to the service screen, which looks like this.

You will be presented with the option to either "Record" or "Live Stream".


If you press the record button, a live connection will not begin, but you can record the entire service to your local photo library so that it can be uploaded later. This is best for areas with low to no data signal.

To go Live, press the Live stream button, which will navigate you to the camera Livestream screen. If any dialogues come up about using the Camera / Microphone

You will then arrive at the camera Recording page, which appears like this.

There are several buttons on the Recording Page that should be noted:

First, the recording button on the far right. Simply press it to turn it to begin the recording. It will turn to a square within the circle to signal that the feed is live.

The settings button, located directly above the recording button, allows you to access your resolution settings.

Recommended Settings

Midwest streams generally suggests a resolution of 640x480, as this ensures a stable connection and smooth Livestream.

Pausing/Ending Service

When you are ready to end the stream tap the "X" symbol. Pressing the "X" will give you the choice to Pause, or End the service.


Pausing will allow you to restart the service again easily within a short period of time, best used for pausing between a chapel and a graveside service. From the pause screen, you may either resume or end the service.


Ending the service should only be used after all aspects of the service are over. Once ending the service, you cannot start the stream again without MWS' intervention

Uploading a Service

Once your service has ended, the status of the service will be changed to "Pending." Find the service in the menu and click on it, which will bring you to the Pending service screen.

On the Pending screen, you either upload or preview your videos. When you click "Preview" your videos will appear in thumbnails, and you can select and play them as much as you'd like.

The upload screen looks exactly like the preview screen. From here you can select your videos and hit upload in the upper right corner. This will upload your video to our servers for conversion, which should only take a few minutes maximum depending on the length/quality of the service. Once the video is uploaded, it will automatically replace the Livestream window in any place that you embedded it previously

Once the video has been successfully uploaded, the service will be reclassified as "Completed". If you access the service page you can either rewatch the recording through the "Preview Recording" option or delete it through the "Delete Recording" option, which is used so that you can upload a different video, or potentially edit your videos differently.

Congratulations! 🎉

You have successfully used the Midwest Streams app to live stream service and upload a recording to a service page! If you have any questions or concerns about the app or the information provided in this guide, make sure to call or text us at (701)-491-9800.

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