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Choosing the Correct Video Quality
To ensure the video is the best quality, please use the following as a guide to choose the correct video size.

There are two factors that control your video quality. 
  1. Bitrate
  2. Video Size

The bitrate does not have a large impact on the quality of the stream. You should have your bitrate as low as possible(1000kbps) unless you are on a fiber WiFi network. To change the Bitrate, open the GoCoder app and tap on the bottom left of the screen. You will see a drop down with a list of optional bitrates. 

Video Size
To change the video settings please click on the "options" icon on the top right of the screen. From here you can select the video size drop down, and adjust your settings appropriately. 

Cellular Data

  • 3G - 192 X 144 
  • 4G(half signal) - 352 X 288
  • 4G(full bars) - 480 X 360
  • LTE(half signal) - 480 X 360
  • LTE(full bars) - 960 X 540
  • 5g - HD(720p)


  • 5mb - 192 X 144 
  • 5-10mb - 480 X 360
  • 10-20mb - 960 X 540
  • 20-200mb - HD(720p)
  • 200mb+ - HD(1080p)

If you are streaming at a church or any unknown location, please configure the stream 30 minutes before the service. Configure the stream with the settings above. Monitor the stream for 5 minutes. Ensure the stream is not choppy and the audio is clear. If you notice the stream is not clear, bump down the quality and try again.

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