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Setup Your Live Stream
Do these steps in the order listed to create and start a Live Stream.

Create Live Stream

  1. Select Upload New Service in your Portal Account
  2. Enter service details and Save
  3. Click Go Live! when it appears and a new "Live Stream Page" will open. 

In the Live Stream Page

  1. Click Go Live! Copy the embed code that appears.
  2. Open your website editor and paste the embed code inside the obituary or where your site allows for embed codes.
  3. Return to MWS Live Stream Page. Click Start Stream. A Stream Key will populate. 
Keep this Stream Key for the next steps. 

On your Mobile Device

  1. Open GoCoder Mobile app.
  2. Click Connection Info in the top right corner.
  3. Select Streaming Cloud. 
  4. Enter your Stream Key as the Connection Code. Click Done.
Your mobile device is now connected to the live stream service. 

To START the Live Stream:

  1. Tap Record inside GoCoder


You must click Start Stream in your Midwest Streams account before you record in GoCoder.

After you start stream, it will be live until you stop the stream via your mobile device.

Please have your phone oriented horizontally Before starting the stream.

If you've done these steps correctly, you should be able to see live playback from the Live Stream page in your MWS Account and on your obituary. 

See "iPhone/iPad+GoCoder Settings for a Successful Stream" to Configure your mobile device.
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